Yoga: The Truth

Enlightenment in nature

The essence of Yoga lies in the mobilisation of all elements of your being and harmonising these elements as a way of influencing an individual to transcend carnal desires and aim for greater levels of satisfaction. In essence, Yoga drives you towards ultimate freedom attained through practice and self-discipline. Outlined here are 8 of the incredible benefits of Yoga.

  1. The art of yoga promotes harmony between your spiritual, physical, and mental being in a way that cannot be achieved by any other method. This allows you to have a fulfilling existence free from common stressors.
  2. Yoga motivates you to achieve optimal performance in your abilities through the attainment of ultimate freedom. When you are able to function beyond carnal needs you can have the opportunity to maximize your talents rather than worry about your weaknesses.
  3. Meditating promotes self-consciousness; this allows you to get in touch with you the person in an amazing and energising way.
  4. If you have thoughts wandering all over your mind constantly, rhythmic yoga breathing and meditation will enable you to organise your thoughts more effectively by triggering the parasympathetic nervous system.
  5. Illnesses caused by stress and depression can be healed through Yoga exercises and meditation; Yoga provides a safe outlet for stress and depression through a range of techniques including rhythmic breathing and exercises thereby promoting self-healing.
  6. By allowing you to concentrate on your talents, yoga meditations actually help protect your mind from negative ideas that could ravage your mind and harm your self-confidence.
  7. Yoga breathing techniques can help you get over anxiety and tension in difficult situations thereby freeing your mind to respond appropriately and as you would wish to.
  8. Yoga trains your body and mind to exercise self-control so that you are always in control over what you think and the activities you engage in; this contributes towards a holistic and healthy existence.

In essence, Yoga is the simplest method in attaining combined physical, spiritual, and mental health.

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