Make-Up Mistakes…

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Make-up in today’s society can be something that can transform most pale looking face into a work of art. But for many women and the challenges they find themselves facing is how to properly apply make-up in different settings. Make-up can be a worse nightmare done wrong but could also be your best feature when done correctly. Using make up has always been a love and hate relationship but at the end of the day many women still use it.

The first thing setting I want to talk about using make-up in, is the professional one. Looking like a competent professional is very important for the average working woman. Yes it means no glittery eye-liner, but instead using a combination of make-up that enhances the natural beauty of your skin. A few tips are it has to stand the test of time and also very low maintenance remember always enhance your look never hide who you are you want People to see and respect you for you not to make up you smeared all over your face. Since you want your make-up to be durable you want to start with a good base for your eyes. Use a good foundation and concealer as well for your eyes , use some nice blush Cheeks not something with an extreme glow but something that just enhances colour. When it comes to your lips you have a lot more freedom so any colour will work fine just something that is not too distracting.

Make-up is also a great tool that can be used to help you look younger. The first thing in your arsenal of tools to  looking younger as moisturiser is the most important things that you can do and should be done before you attempt to apply any other make-up items. The next would be to use a liquid concealer you need something that will hide the circles without getting cakey. Go for a yellowish foundation yellow will help to give your skin a little more warmer look and this will go for any type of skin tone. We’ll also want to choose a light Brow pencil. Finally curl your lashes curling your lashes will help make your eyes look a lot bigger and better.

Implementing just a few of these make up strategies will have huge impact on your overall perception and most of all increase your confidence!

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  • Brianna Marie says:

    I am so glad that you mentioned the importance of applying moisturizer before applying other make-up.

    I have been shocked to discover how many women don’t know or simply choose to ignore that essential rule.

    • Tammy Summers says:

      You’re not the only one who was shocked by that Brianna. One of my roommates in college used to make that mistake too, until I showed her the way. lol

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