Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer Prevention-1

As you know it is Breast Cancer awareness month and we continue our support by facilitating vital information to keep you healthy.  Below are some lifestyle advice that may seem  like common knowledge but it is the simple things in life that we must pay attention to that keep us alive and optimize life.

So take a second, think and ask yourself, can I do any of these things better?

  1. Stay Physically Active – As simple as walking each evening, making sure you walk a minimum amount of steps per day will result in long term benefits.
  2. Know Your Family History – Knowing yourself is very important.  Fortunately we are not all the same, some people are more prone to diseases than others.  Know what you can do from what you can’t and live life responsibly.
  3. Stay Away From Tobacco Products – Although this may seem like common knowledge there are still millions of smokers and with smokers comes second hand smoke affecting more people.
  4. Eat Healthy – It is a known fact that what goes in your body is imperative to how you will look and feel.  Eating a more alkaline based diet provides you with the antioxidants that are needed for cancer prevention.
  5. Alcohol Intake – Although the enjoyment of alcohol very much a part of our culture, moderating and balancing your intake is a wise choice.
  6. Protect Your Skin – Everyone loves the sun!  However excessive exposure to UV rays not only make you look older but puts you at risk for skin cancer, always wear sunscreen.
  7. Your Weight – Maintaining a healthy body weight for your body size throughout out your life will make you look and feel good but is also a strategy for cancer prevention.
  8. Regular Check-Ups – It is always emphasized that regular check-ups and cancer screenings are important as early detection is always the best scenario for cancer remission.  View Full Screening Guideline
  9. Stress – Last but not least, and the  most underrated. Limit Stress!  Psychological Stress  whether it be mental, physical or emotional pressure induce the  destructive behaviour that lead to cancer.  All the distractions of the world is never worth your most important asset, your health.

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